Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bright Ideas for a Windowless Room

Everyone loves natural light; well until you forget to close the blinds in your bedroom on a Saturday night and you’re blinded by Sunday’s rays. When a room doesn’t have any windows, you miss out on natural light. Windowless bathrooms are common, many basements lack natural light as well.  Here are a few ways to brighten up a room without the use of natural light.

  1. Add a large mirror- This will add depth to the room and break up large, blank walls. Brightly colored artwork can act in a similar matter, just stick to a simple frame.
  2. Choose Colors Carefully- We suggest painting your space a white or very pale blue. These colors subtly reflect light allowing the space to appear brighter.
  3.  Install French Doors- regardless of the room on the other side, this allows the eye to see additional space beyond the room. A florescent bulb in this other room can fool the eye into seeing natural light even if there isn’t any available.
  4. Drapes- Purchase some drapes to apply to an entire wall. This will add depth even if there’s nothing but a white wall behind the drapes.
  5. A Pass-through- This allows for light to flow into a space. We suggest a frosted glass,  this keeps unsightly clutter hidden. A pass-through works especially well in kitchens.
  6. Use a Hidden Light Source- Place lamps or can lights between wooden beams. Applying a light that appears to be pouring from behind furniture can mimic the look of natural light.
  7. Internal Windows- For those living in an apartment or townhouse, access to external walls can be minimal. By installing an internal window, homeowners can allow for light to be shared between on space and another. Add window treatments to allow more privacy when needed, just like a real window!

french doors create light
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