Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Meet frauMaier, International Dog of Contemporary Design

Hello and welcome to Fresh Design Products! My name is frauMaier and not only am I the face of an international lighting company, but I am also a trendsetter, jetsetter, lifestyle expert and last but not least, dog. Born in a small village in Germany, I have made my way to the top as the most famous and remarkable designing dog of all time. Since starting this business 10 years ago with my owner Felix Severin Mack, we have grown to provide customers all over the world with a large selection of quality lighting products.

What makes frauMaier successful is our passion and dedication to create the most innovative designs and best possible products. The work Felix Severin Mack brings to the lighting industry is nothing short of astonishing. From colorful table lamps to modern desk lamps, those who come in contact with frauMaier products will find immaculate perfection. If you're ready to light your home or business in contemporary style, let frauMaier provide you with a large collection of light fixtures in
a range of variants (some products are offered in up to 10 different colors that you won't find just anywhere).

While the home base for frauMaier lies in Esslingen, Germany, our products are found in more than 350 shops in over two-dozen countries around the world. We are excited to be bringing the quality designs and modern products of frauMaier to the United States thanks for Fresh Design Products!

Best of all, frauMaier products from Fresh Design are manufactured in the United States. The basis of our business is to source independent companies who are able to manufacture smaller quantities at our high standards. This way, I am able to achieve my goal of producing fantastically designed lighting fixtures around the world!

 At frauMaier, every day is take your dog to work day! Want to be apart of this vision and learn more about Frau Maier, the dog behind the brand? Contact Fresh Design Products at 770-568-4788 for more information.

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