Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fraumaier Across the Globe

At Fresh Design Products, we are proud to feature the new Fraumaier product line that is making its way to the US. Here are some of the new products:

Cluster- available in 6 colors and made from colored chintz.
BigAndy- pendant light available in 7 colors.
Lea- Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes. Chintz-covered shade is black or white with inner layer laminated in white or gold.
Jeanette-  available in 3 colors and made from a powder coated steel plate with acryl glass.
Pascha- Available in 7 different colors (33 colors upon request). Made using aluminum and strands of yarn.
BigPascha-  a larger, disc -shaped version of Pascha.

From homes in Georgia to businesses in Europe, Fraumaier products are taking the world by storm. With headquarters in Germany, it’s no surprise that Fraumaier lights can be found across the globe. Some of the notable businesses that Fraumaier implements large-scale lighting projects in includes Sainsbury’s headquarters in the UK, the King Abdulaziz Center of Cultural Heritage in Saudi Arabia and most recently, the Musee d-Orsay in Paris. 

Sainsbury’s is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom and Fraumaier Cluster Lamps can be found in many of Sainsbury’s offices. In Saudi Arabia, the King Abdulaziz Center of Cultural Heritage is equipped with Fraumaier Fat Sophie lights.

People often think of lighting as just a formality when the truth is, lighting plays an important role in the functionality, interior design and layout of a home or business. If you think Fraumaier products could benefit you, contact Fresh Design Products! We feature Fraumaier products that combine classic lighting and modern technology to create lamps unlike anything else.

Fraumaier products are a global sensation, found in more than 350 shops in over two-dozen countries. However, they can only be found in the United States at Fresh Design Products. Contact Fresh Design Products at 770-568- 4788 for more information!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Considerations When Creating a Lighting Design Plan

Creating a lighting design for your home is just as important as all the other elements that go into the final look of your home.  In order to create a plan it is important to understand the purpose of specific types of lighting and how they impact the look and feel of your space.

Chandeliers and pendants – The general rule for this type of lighting is to center it within the space. They typically provide down lighting over a central area such as a dining room table or foyer, however chandeliers are also making their way into the bathroom and even bedroom. Like chandeliers, pendant lights hang from the ceiling and create focused down lighting.  They are often used over work surfaces such as kitchen counters or islands.

Wall / sconce lighting – Wall lights often adorn hallways and are placed evenly across the length of the space.  Typically, they are approximately three feet apart, and hung at eye level, however this can be modified based on personal preference. 

Track lighting – Track lighting was a very popular trend in the early 1990’s. It was selected for its practicality and functionality. In this lighting design, individual fixtures are integrated into a track system that is typically mounted to the ceiling or wall. Because it is adjustable, the light can be focused in any direction. One practical use is over a work surface, but can also be used to highlight artwork or architectural features in your home.

Recessed / canned lighting – Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for creating a focal point over a work surface or other specific elements. It is mounted inside the ceiling and is flush with the surface. It also can be used in conjunction with a dimmer switch to create an ambient glow in a room.  

Lamps / work lighting – In addition to hardwired lighting, lamps, and other work lighting options including under and above cabinet fixtures add the finishing touches to your lighting plan. They are great for task specific lighting such as reading or work areas and can be used in conjunction with other lighting elements to create a cozy finishing touch.

Creating a comprehensive lighting plan is an important part of helping to define specific functions for each of the rooms in your home. Contact the professionals at Fresh Design Products for innovative lighting options for your home.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Why Lighting Design is Important

Determining a logical lighting design plan is an important element in creating a specific feel throughout your home. In addition to making your home functional, it helps to develop a flow within your living space and enables you to define your own personal sense of style.

Lighting helps delineate living areas and defines functions. It also creates a safe atmosphere and visual interest. In addition, lighting can help a small room seem bigger or a big room seem more cozy.  Here are some of the benefits of creating a lighting design plan.
Enhancing room colors – The colors in your room have a direct impact on the feel of the space. Lighting can help to augment the colors in your room by giving the feeling of more or less space.  Directional lighting such as track designs aid in highlighting certain colors in your room, while recessed lighting can create generalize illumination of all of the colors in the room. 

Highlight specific areas – In addition to creating ambiance, lighting also helps draw attention to particular areas within your home. Pendants or under counter fixtures add focused task lighting to areas that might need additional brightness. And, wall lights are the perfect way to draw attention to artwork, or architectural features within your home.

Functional lighting – Creating lighting elements help to illuminate areas that will be a hub of activity is important when creating a lighting plan. The first step is to determine how each space in your home will be used. Work areas such as countertops or desks need direct task-based lighting while large open areas such as foyers or dining rooms might require fuller illumination more likely need a more powerful fixture.

Compensate for lack of lighting – Rooms with vast windows have the benefit of natural light to create a sense of openness and space. When rooms lack natural lighting, it is crucial to develop a plan that will offset the lack of light while still helping open up the space.
Creating a lighting plan can seem like an overwhelming task. Working with a qualified lighting design professional is the ideal way to ensure that all necessary details have been thought through. Once your plan is complete, contact the team at Fresh Design Products, for colorful one-of-a-kind lighting options that add a unique touch to your home d├ęcor.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bright Ideas for a Windowless Room

Everyone loves natural light; well until you forget to close the blinds in your bedroom on a Saturday night and you’re blinded by Sunday’s rays. When a room doesn’t have any windows, you miss out on natural light. Windowless bathrooms are common, many basements lack natural light as well.  Here are a few ways to brighten up a room without the use of natural light.

  1. Add a large mirror- This will add depth to the room and break up large, blank walls. Brightly colored artwork can act in a similar matter, just stick to a simple frame.
  2. Choose Colors Carefully- We suggest painting your space a white or very pale blue. These colors subtly reflect light allowing the space to appear brighter.
  3.  Install French Doors- regardless of the room on the other side, this allows the eye to see additional space beyond the room. A florescent bulb in this other room can fool the eye into seeing natural light even if there isn’t any available.
  4. Drapes- Purchase some drapes to apply to an entire wall. This will add depth even if there’s nothing but a white wall behind the drapes.
  5. A Pass-through- This allows for light to flow into a space. We suggest a frosted glass,  this keeps unsightly clutter hidden. A pass-through works especially well in kitchens.
  6. Use a Hidden Light Source- Place lamps or can lights between wooden beams. Applying a light that appears to be pouring from behind furniture can mimic the look of natural light.
  7. Internal Windows- For those living in an apartment or townhouse, access to external walls can be minimal. By installing an internal window, homeowners can allow for light to be shared between on space and another. Add window treatments to allow more privacy when needed, just like a real window!

french doors create light
Fresh Design Products carries several modern light designs. These models like the Slim Sophie, Fat Sophie, Mini Sophie, Annie, and Thin Lissie are all crafted in Germany by frauMaier. To view our products or find out more about the frauMaier brand, visit our website

Friday, July 29, 2016

frauMaier Lamps Star in a Large Number of Movies

You may have noticed products in movies before. Strategically placed in front of the camera with the logo in clear view or possibly even mentioned aloud by a character. Integrating products/brands into movies and TV is known as product placement. Although frauMaier lamps have not been integrated into any story lines, they have reached “celebrity” status with their appearance in the German blockbuster, Buddy!

Buddy is a German comedy that was starred in, directed and produced by Bully Herbig. Michael “Bully” Herbig is a very well known German actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He has won a number of awards for his work in television and movies. frauMaier lamps can be seen in not only Buddy, but a large number of movies from Germany. Have you seen frauMaier lamps in films or television? There’s a reason frauMaier lamps have been used in a large number of movies. frauMaier lamps are both functionally and aesthetically above the rest.

If you want a lamp known for superior design and quality, look no further than frauMaier. While these lamps were created in Germany, you can now find frauMaier products in the American market. Whether you want a modern look for your home or a more professional environment for your business, Fresh Design Products can help! We carry a large variety of frauMaier light fixtures and high-end lamps in a variety of styles, colors and wholesale options.

To visit our online store or put in your order, visit or call (770) 568-4788 for more information.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Meet frauMaier, International Dog of Contemporary Design

Hello and welcome to Fresh Design Products! My name is frauMaier and not only am I the face of an international lighting company, but I am also a trendsetter, jetsetter, lifestyle expert and last but not least, dog. Born in a small village in Germany, I have made my way to the top as the most famous and remarkable designing dog of all time. Since starting this business 10 years ago with my owner Felix Severin Mack, we have grown to provide customers all over the world with a large selection of quality lighting products.

What makes frauMaier successful is our passion and dedication to create the most innovative designs and best possible products. The work Felix Severin Mack brings to the lighting industry is nothing short of astonishing. From colorful table lamps to modern desk lamps, those who come in contact with frauMaier products will find immaculate perfection. If you're ready to light your home or business in contemporary style, let frauMaier provide you with a large collection of light fixtures in
a range of variants (some products are offered in up to 10 different colors that you won't find just anywhere).

While the home base for frauMaier lies in Esslingen, Germany, our products are found in more than 350 shops in over two-dozen countries around the world. We are excited to be bringing the quality designs and modern products of frauMaier to the United States thanks for Fresh Design Products!

Best of all, frauMaier products from Fresh Design are manufactured in the United States. The basis of our business is to source independent companies who are able to manufacture smaller quantities at our high standards. This way, I am able to achieve my goal of producing fantastically designed lighting fixtures around the world!

 At frauMaier, every day is take your dog to work day! Want to be apart of this vision and learn more about Frau Maier, the dog behind the brand? Contact Fresh Design Products at 770-568-4788 for more information.