Friday, July 29, 2016

frauMaier Lamps Star in a Large Number of Movies

You may have noticed products in movies before. Strategically placed in front of the camera with the logo in clear view or possibly even mentioned aloud by a character. Integrating products/brands into movies and TV is known as product placement. Although frauMaier lamps have not been integrated into any story lines, they have reached “celebrity” status with their appearance in the German blockbuster, Buddy!

Buddy is a German comedy that was starred in, directed and produced by Bully Herbig. Michael “Bully” Herbig is a very well known German actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He has won a number of awards for his work in television and movies. frauMaier lamps can be seen in not only Buddy, but a large number of movies from Germany. Have you seen frauMaier lamps in films or television? There’s a reason frauMaier lamps have been used in a large number of movies. frauMaier lamps are both functionally and aesthetically above the rest.

If you want a lamp known for superior design and quality, look no further than frauMaier. While these lamps were created in Germany, you can now find frauMaier products in the American market. Whether you want a modern look for your home or a more professional environment for your business, Fresh Design Products can help! We carry a large variety of frauMaier light fixtures and high-end lamps in a variety of styles, colors and wholesale options.

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