Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Considerations When Creating a Lighting Design Plan

Creating a lighting design for your home is just as important as all the other elements that go into the final look of your home.  In order to create a plan it is important to understand the purpose of specific types of lighting and how they impact the look and feel of your space.

Chandeliers and pendants – The general rule for this type of lighting is to center it within the space. They typically provide down lighting over a central area such as a dining room table or foyer, however chandeliers are also making their way into the bathroom and even bedroom. Like chandeliers, pendant lights hang from the ceiling and create focused down lighting.  They are often used over work surfaces such as kitchen counters or islands.

Wall / sconce lighting – Wall lights often adorn hallways and are placed evenly across the length of the space.  Typically, they are approximately three feet apart, and hung at eye level, however this can be modified based on personal preference. 

Track lighting – Track lighting was a very popular trend in the early 1990’s. It was selected for its practicality and functionality. In this lighting design, individual fixtures are integrated into a track system that is typically mounted to the ceiling or wall. Because it is adjustable, the light can be focused in any direction. One practical use is over a work surface, but can also be used to highlight artwork or architectural features in your home.

Recessed / canned lighting – Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for creating a focal point over a work surface or other specific elements. It is mounted inside the ceiling and is flush with the surface. It also can be used in conjunction with a dimmer switch to create an ambient glow in a room.  

Lamps / work lighting – In addition to hardwired lighting, lamps, and other work lighting options including under and above cabinet fixtures add the finishing touches to your lighting plan. They are great for task specific lighting such as reading or work areas and can be used in conjunction with other lighting elements to create a cozy finishing touch.

Creating a comprehensive lighting plan is an important part of helping to define specific functions for each of the rooms in your home. Contact the professionals at Fresh Design Products for innovative lighting options for your home.

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