Monday, October 24, 2016

Why Lighting Design is Important

Determining a logical lighting design plan is an important element in creating a specific feel throughout your home. In addition to making your home functional, it helps to develop a flow within your living space and enables you to define your own personal sense of style.

Lighting helps delineate living areas and defines functions. It also creates a safe atmosphere and visual interest. In addition, lighting can help a small room seem bigger or a big room seem more cozy.  Here are some of the benefits of creating a lighting design plan.
Enhancing room colors – The colors in your room have a direct impact on the feel of the space. Lighting can help to augment the colors in your room by giving the feeling of more or less space.  Directional lighting such as track designs aid in highlighting certain colors in your room, while recessed lighting can create generalize illumination of all of the colors in the room. 

Highlight specific areas – In addition to creating ambiance, lighting also helps draw attention to particular areas within your home. Pendants or under counter fixtures add focused task lighting to areas that might need additional brightness. And, wall lights are the perfect way to draw attention to artwork, or architectural features within your home.

Functional lighting – Creating lighting elements help to illuminate areas that will be a hub of activity is important when creating a lighting plan. The first step is to determine how each space in your home will be used. Work areas such as countertops or desks need direct task-based lighting while large open areas such as foyers or dining rooms might require fuller illumination more likely need a more powerful fixture.

Compensate for lack of lighting – Rooms with vast windows have the benefit of natural light to create a sense of openness and space. When rooms lack natural lighting, it is crucial to develop a plan that will offset the lack of light while still helping open up the space.
Creating a lighting plan can seem like an overwhelming task. Working with a qualified lighting design professional is the ideal way to ensure that all necessary details have been thought through. Once your plan is complete, contact the team at Fresh Design Products, for colorful one-of-a-kind lighting options that add a unique touch to your home d├ęcor.

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